Noticed an increase in spam?

Symantec have come up with this graphic to detail the true scale of this issue! See the original image on Symantec's website:
Symantec have come up with this graphic to detail the true scale. Here is the original image:

If you have noticed a massive increase in spam lately, you’re not alone! The spammers have upped their game in an attempt to gain access to your bank account.

Does this look familiar:


From:  (

Subject: Reference Number #88387

Valued Client,

Please find attached to this email your statement

Our office has just shipped your package.
You can find the latest invoice for your purchase in this email. Please take a look at it as soon as possible.
you can to contact in case of any question about the transfer.

Accounts Department
Wavenet Group
Incorporating – Titan Technology, Centralcom and S1 Network Services
Tel 0844312707



All they are trying to do is get you to open the attachment and enable macros in a  Microsoft Office program….DON’T do it, whatever you do. If your antivirus isn’t up to scratch you could find yourself in deep water.

The Dridex Trojan has established itself as one of the most dangerous financial threats. The sheer size of the spam campaigns spreading Dridex (detected by Symantec as W32.Cridex) can sometimes overwhelm organizations hit by them. Dridex’s operators are disciplined and highly active, pushing out in the malware through massive spam campaigns that run to millions of emails per day. Even organizations who are well protected against the group’s malware can often struggle to cope with the sheer volume of spam the attackers send.

The malware is configured to target customers of nearly 300 organisations in over 40 regions. Almost three quarters of Dridex spam campaigns use real company names with the vast majority of spam being disguised as financial emails, such as invoices, receipts, and orders.

According to Symantec, Dridex will continue to be one of the main financial threats during 2016.

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