Adobe Flash Player – Critical Security Patch update this week!

Most people have Adobe Flash Player installed on their PCs; you couldn’t use YouTube without it! Adobe is releasing a critical update this week to patch a vulnerability that allows hackers to take control of you Windows or Mac PC remotely. If you notice a pop up for Adobe Flash, please make sure it is genuine and if you are at all suspicious then download the update directly from Adobe.


To confirm the affected version is anything up to and including Version (or on Linux). The update that will fix these issues is Version

To check the Flash Player version on your PC, go to and hit the [Check now] button. Bear in mind that you can have different versions of Flash for Internet Explorer and Firefox/Chrome/etc. so if you use more than one browser you may have to check/update the IE and non-IE version.


There have been reports of exploits already, meaning that the hackers are aware of the vulnerability and are using it before Adobe have been able to release the patched version (at the time of writing the latest version available is still on

Those of you who have an IT support contract with us, fear not – we’re monitoring the situation and as soon as the Adobe patch is released we will be deploying this to all machines remotely.

If you are not with us and would like more information, feel free to contact us to discuss the support we provide from as little as £10 per PC per month.

Stay safe out there,

Andy Readman
Index eBusiness Support Team